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Set Cubes?
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Hey there. I am getting ready to begin a project for my church drama troupe to give us some easy props / set pieces in the form of hollow cubes. The cubes would be plywood and 2x4, generally 2'x2'x2' with one missing side and rectangular handles cut into either side.

I have a few questions for you, my fellow dramatists, that you might be able to answer.

Have you ever used these cubes?
What do you call them? (Is there an official name? I've been calling them set cubes...)
Of what are yours constructed and in what size(s)?
How heavy would you conjecture they are?
What interesting, imaginative, or effective uses have you gotten out of them?
Did you build them yourselves, have them built for you, or buy them (and how much did each cost to either build, requisition, or buy)?

I think I can probably get 8 cubes constructed for less than $150.00, not including paint and labor (which oughta be free thanks to our men's ministry).



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What's anyone's take on UMiami's Theatre Management program? If anyone has done any research on it...
I'm just wondering...

how bout U of Miami compared to Florida State?
Just need some input/advice.
Thanks guys!

Some help, if you would. Please?

I'm looking for a one-act play to direct, and I'm having a really hard time. If anyone has some suggestions, that would be awesome.

This is what I'm looking for:

~A drama; something on the darkside or absurd
~something with room for interpretation
~something stylistic

Things to keep in mind:

~Is being performed by a highschool (and all the restrictions that implies)
~Bonus for any scripts with a strong female lead

So I know that's a lot to ask for, but if you know of anything that fits any part of the description, please let me know.

Thank You.


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Hi guys..I need a HUGE favor ASAP!!!!

Does any one have the CD uploaded (or willing to upload) for How to Eat Like a Child: and other lessons in not being a grownup? You know cute, kiddish musical... I need the music before Friday (a week from today...) if anyone has it and is willing to share...that would be a HUGEEEEEEE help.

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Does anyone know a good book or website for female duet comedic monologues?  I'm in a competition soon doing a Reader's Theatre, and it can be any sort of comedic monologue.


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Hey guys! I just found out my school's drama and we're doing Metamorphoses by Mary Zimmerman, and while I've heard of the author, I know next to nothing about the show. Soo, is anybody familiar with it or know somewhere I can get familiar with it?


Does anyone have the karoake version for Climbing Uphill from The Last 5 Years?

x-posted everywhere. sorry! it's just auditions are soon...

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reading cats


Thursday, July 27th @ 11:00 AM
Friday, July 28th @ 4:00 PM.

The show is double casted, and Cast A will perform tommorow and Cast B will be the crew[i.e. makeup, hair, costuming], and vice versa! Both casts are great :)

The show is around an hour and a half long with a short 15 minute intermission after scene two. Tickets are available at the door, and we also offer special seating for the elderly and disabled.

if you're in the area, check us out!

Drama Learning Center
9130 Red Branch Rd.
Columbia, MD. 21045
(410) 997-9DLC


Check us out on the web!

Hope to see you there!

I have a favor to ask of anyone/everyone...My school has a VERY uneven number of girls to guys and I was wondering if anyone had suggestions for plays to put on in the fall/winter...anything is appreciated.thank you!.

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I am at the International Thespian Festival in Nebraska right now, and it is amazing!! Is anyone else there, or have been there? I have seen some amazing monologues performed and I was wondering if you guys could help me. I'm not sure about the characters name or anything but if anyone has any monologues [male or female.] from the following plays could you please e-mail me? My email is pinktux2thepromx@yahoo.com or links would be fine.

The plays are: ((the ones in bold are my top priority ones))
+Waking of Janie Foster
+Death by Chocolate
+Dead Eye Boy
+Death of Frank
+Hurly Burly
+Chocolate Sanity
+Fat Temple
+History of America (I think thats what its called... it has the monologue where the guy talks about the post it note on the fridge of America that says Hey America! Remember to rewind your blockbuster tapes!)

ALSO- there was this monologue I LOVED but I didn't catch the name of the play. The monologue was a guy talking about how his roommate or someone ate the last can of the Chunky Turkey Soup and was freaking out about it saying how he has all sorts of kinds of soups but the tukey is his favorite and whatnot.....

Chances are I'll have a list of more soon. I appreciate -any- help you could give me with finding monologues from these. Thanks in advance! And Happy Thespian Week!


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