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__sunstroke wrote in dramadorks
I am at the International Thespian Festival in Nebraska right now, and it is amazing!! Is anyone else there, or have been there? I have seen some amazing monologues performed and I was wondering if you guys could help me. I'm not sure about the characters name or anything but if anyone has any monologues [male or female.] from the following plays could you please e-mail me? My email is pinktux2thepromx@yahoo.com or links would be fine.

The plays are: ((the ones in bold are my top priority ones))
+Waking of Janie Foster
+Death by Chocolate
+Dead Eye Boy
+Death of Frank
+Hurly Burly
+Chocolate Sanity
+Fat Temple
+History of America (I think thats what its called... it has the monologue where the guy talks about the post it note on the fridge of America that says Hey America! Remember to rewind your blockbuster tapes!)

ALSO- there was this monologue I LOVED but I didn't catch the name of the play. The monologue was a guy talking about how his roommate or someone ate the last can of the Chunky Turkey Soup and was freaking out about it saying how he has all sorts of kinds of soups but the tukey is his favorite and whatnot.....

Chances are I'll have a list of more soon. I appreciate -any- help you could give me with finding monologues from these. Thanks in advance! And Happy Thespian Week!

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..bored, browsing-- a note

The Complete History of america : abridged
it's by the same people who did The Complete Works of William Shakespeare : abridged.
my friends performed both of these in a june-july show, they're hysterical. You might be able to even find a video of the shakespeare one from when they performed in Canada; it's slightly more well known.

:) I know this is old, but hope it can help anyway.

Re: ..bored, browsing-- a note

it does, thank you very much! i saw the complete works of will shakespeare abridged while i was at the int'l thespian festival, it was amazing.

Re: ..bored, browsing-- a note

There were good times all around with all those plays. The next town over's drama club did shakesp. abridged last fall, and then we had this small county group doing them both.. and between all the shows, I got barfed on at least a dozen times by my various good friends.

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