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Some help, if you would. Please?
ismileintherain wrote in dramadorks

I'm looking for a one-act play to direct, and I'm having a really hard time. If anyone has some suggestions, that would be awesome.

This is what I'm looking for:

~A drama; something on the darkside or absurd
~something with room for interpretation
~something stylistic

Things to keep in mind:

~Is being performed by a highschool (and all the restrictions that implies)
~Bonus for any scripts with a strong female lead

So I know that's a lot to ask for, but if you know of anything that fits any part of the description, please let me know.

Thank You.


(cross-posted in several theatre-centric communities)

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Competition Piece .. and i think it is by john wells

Have you considered any David Ives? If not, pick up a copy of "All in the Timing". There are several in there which fit your requirements.

Little Red Riding Hood by Billy Arnonson.. its from his book of twisted plays

I just finished writing a play for one of my classes, actually. It probably sucks, but if you're open minded I can send you the script once I finish tweaking it a bit.

(please, feel in no way obligated to say yes. By not, you probably just save yourself sometime :P)

hav you thought about helping the class devise a play them selves?
you could lay out the happenings and help them improvise.
using non-naturalistic scenes/themes can make it more interesting to work out.
im in year 11 and my class devised a play about teenage suicide.
it was great to do, and it worked well and quickly.
our main character was a girl.
keeping in mind that there is only 3 girls in the class..it was easier.
anyways, just puting the idea out there.

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