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Set Cubes?
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averypenguin wrote in dramadorks
Hey there. I am getting ready to begin a project for my church drama troupe to give us some easy props / set pieces in the form of hollow cubes. The cubes would be plywood and 2x4, generally 2'x2'x2' with one missing side and rectangular handles cut into either side.

I have a few questions for you, my fellow dramatists, that you might be able to answer.

Have you ever used these cubes?
What do you call them? (Is there an official name? I've been calling them set cubes...)
Of what are yours constructed and in what size(s)?
How heavy would you conjecture they are?
What interesting, imaginative, or effective uses have you gotten out of them?
Did you build them yourselves, have them built for you, or buy them (and how much did each cost to either build, requisition, or buy)?

I think I can probably get 8 cubes constructed for less than $150.00, not including paint and labor (which oughta be free thanks to our men's ministry).



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I refer to them as "rehearsal blocks", usually because they are used in rehearsal in the place of a real set. I've definitely seen them used as a set before, though. The only ones I've ever seen are plastic, and they have various little holes on the tops and little things sticking out on the bottom in order to stack them. I've never had to buy them before, so I don't know what to tell you cost-wise. As far as creative uses, they work well when you push them together and form a platform.

We used them as our set when we did Macbeth, + had a bit of an... "experimental" set. They were used for chairs, horses, tables, and something else I think. We also cut holes intothe back that we slid two poles with a connecting plank into, + heypresto! it became a throne. $150 seems decent for 8, as that's about... $20? per cube. Good luck with all this, let us know how it goes. :)

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