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This is rather important!

Has anyone read or seen A Peice of My Heart by Shirley Lauro? 

I have auditioned for this show and I have recieved a part but I won't find out who until tomorrow evening. I've looked online and I can't find any background on the characters in the show (There are 6 women) and I was hoping y'all could help me so I can start figuring out these characters. I know I didn't get the part of Sissy or Steele (or the man, obviously!) so you can spare those =]

Any help is appreciated!


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Living in the Washington DC/Baltimore/Annapolis, MD Area?

Come see the Young Artist's Theatre's Winter Showcase!

Workshops include:

The Sound of Music


Dynamite Drama

Super Showstoppers

Scene Stealers

Animal Tales

Parent/Partner Broadway Dance


Tickets can be purchased by phone, email, or at the door for $5.00

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Okay so it's another drama class project.

Basically our assignment is everyone has to direct a scene.
Not a big deal, I've already picked out my scene, assigned roles and all that fun stuff. But we also have to keep a director's binder and include in it some research we've done on our scene. My scene is from The Tattoo Parlor by Louis K. Philips and I am having the hardest time finding anything on it. So if anyone knows anything or knows any sites/books that I could look at that would have anything I would greatly appreciate it.


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Hey guys, I'm new and I'm in a little bit of a situation here, I was hoping that someone on here might be able to help me.

I'm a freshmen in highschool and taking a Drama 2 course. Right now our assignment is to do an HI/DI scene that is 4-6 minutes in length and consists of 4-6 characters. It can be Male/Female roles but I would very much prefer all females because I have to play all of these characters.

We were assigned this last Friday and supposed to have our scene picked and written out by last Tuesday and I'm still searching. So any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hey kids, I am leaving you. I am sorry. You have enough mods as it seems and I never do anything productive. I feel as if I am not helping a community I should leave. Thus I leave you. Sorry... again.

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Even though this isn't theatre related though i'd post it for all though interested:

My name is DJ Ghostwalk. I am a Dj For an internet Dj for www.justiceradio.net. my shows are weds from 9 JRT (PST) to 1 JRT (PST). if anyone wants to hear a request please email me at ghostwalk@justiceradio.net or you can get ahold of me via msgers

AIM: djreisanpo
Yahoo: fallendragon16
Msn: richterbelmont16@hotmail.com (this is only a msger email, the email it self no longer works)
Skype: djghostwalk
googletalk: djghostwalk@gmail.com
X-fire: djghostwalk

There is also the forums on the station site under: http://www.justiceradio.net/newsite/index.php?option=com_simpleboard&Itemid=36&func=showcat&catid=508

There is also the Justiceradio Chat channel and you can get to that via the main page.

also if your in COH/COV:

Justice: Dj ghostwalk (COH)
            unholy Kitten (COV)

those are just the two toons i use alot. i thank everyone for atleast reading this if you'd like to post any questions comments, or just plain whatever...please feel free too..

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I need your help. Right now. Please, everyone, respond with the most detailed stuff you can think of. Anything you have can help me. Personal experiences would be great. I know you guys can relate. I'm writing letters and doing as much as I can about the problem of funding arts in schools.

Why do you think art is important in schools?

('Art' includes visual, performance, music, anything non-academic and non-athletic.)


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I was asked at my church to be the lead of a new Drama group.
I have never taught a drama group at a church before.. I have at school, but i know it will be differant.
My question is:

Have any of you been in a Church drama group/ play?

Any advice for me? this is completely new terratory.

I am supposed to start in March, so it gives me time to get things together.

So, I created a new icon community :) and you have to join, because uh, I'm awesome and you love me. Oh, and I post a LOT of broadway related icons!

Well, I'm posting to direct you to the icons I just posted. But do yourselves a favor and JOIN. :D

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